Using Illustrator to make SVG files

Disclaimer: I’m learning this workflow and haven’t finished building my SO3.

I have Adobe Illustrator and am using it to make SVG files from graphics to then import into CC (workflow: import graphic, select it - Object: Image Trace: Make - then export as SVG). What I’ve found is that the SVG files imported into CC will at times have duplicate lines.
A) do I need to worry about duplicate lines? Do you know of a way to avoid the duplicates?
B) Is there a better/easier tool for tracing image files?



In Adobe Illustrator tracing as b/w should prevent duplicate lines.

The dupe lines can confuse toolpathing if selected in Carbide Create.

Redrawing is better than auto-tracing but of course takes more time/effort.

Hi Will - thanks for the advice - I’m a regular user of PhotoShop and LightRoom, not of Illustrator! I found the Image Trace work window, and used the B&W with no luck. I’ve been trying using an image that is only B&W wondering if that was part of the issue, nope!

Redrawing, while an option, would take considerable more time - I’m trying to import the Seal of Ohio - lots of little “bits” within it. I can go through and delete all the duplicates, but it seems like I’m missing something “simple.” Maybe not…

AHA! Methinks I’ve figured it out - in the Image Trace Window, I clicked on “ignore white” and I now have only one line! Thank you, Will for putting me in the right direction.

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