Using MC Etcher to Tool Leather?

I know this is a bit out there (pun intended) but but do any of you think it would work to tool leather with the MC Etcher Bit?

What kind of pressure does it put out?

That will only scratch/score the leather, and inconsistently at that.

You could use a drag knife to cut/score leather, and scoring will allow achieving decorative effects, or be the beginnings of tooling it.

Thanks for the feedback. I’ve thought about a drag knife as well though with tooling you really don’t want to break the surface. It certainly works great for cutting out leather shapes. I wonder if there would be a way to rig up a bit with a more blunt / polished tip to actually tool it. I suppose that would be determined by how much downward force the z axis could exert.

You don’t have to cut all the way through — an initial, partial thickness cut is the beginning of many tooling designs.

If you want to automate the design completely, just get a clicker press and make a die.

I haven’t tried tooling leather. But I have cut it and drilled holes for stitches. I’ll have to try it out.

I might start with a broken 0.125in carbide bit and shape it into a cone and polish it up. Then put it in my DDE assembly. It’d probably need a lot less force than the DDE, so maybe a new spring with a lower spring constant. Maybe also get a longer spring and back the tension srew out as well.

Might be interesting

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