Using Shapeoko Pro in Easel

Do any of you use Easel with your Shapeoko Pro? The Pro does not appear in the Easel dropdown menu of machines, but Easel says it will work. What settings did you choose?

Please don’t use Easel to control the machine — in the past when folks have done that, the Shapeoko configuration has been overwritten w/ that of an X-Carve requiring that the defaults be sent again.

Instead, please use Easel to create designs and toolpaths and then write out the G-code locally and use Carbide Motion to send it to the machine.


Thank you. That is very helpful. I’ve been using Easel for my Bob’s CNC and I love it. I’m going to use your suggestion. I like the idea that I can continue to use the wonderful designing capabilities of Easel!

What things do you find in Easel which are not in Carbide Create?

I had a beta invite to use Easel back when I was working on the Shapeoko 2, but at the time didn’t have a computer which was suited to use, and since have never really found it to work well for the projects I work on and how I work on them.

To be perfectly frank, it isn’t features that Carbide Create lacks. It’s automation. Easel is utterly amazing in helping to cut files I create on Inkscape. It helps me pick every setting, including feeds and speeds.

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