Using the McFly cutter

I just ordered the McFly cutter and I’m wondering if the bit setter will work or does it need to be disabled? After running the McFly cutter, I’m going to reset the Z zero. Any thoughts would be helpful. Thanks

As long as the bitsetter diameter is greater than this diameter on the cutter, the inserts should contact the bitsetter & work just fine.



I concur. The McFly works with the Bitsetter thanks to the inserts on the bottom. My previous flattening cutter didn’t have those inserts and I would have to disable and later enable the Bitsetter. That led to a lot of air cutting until I discovered that I needed to not only re-initialize but power cycle the Pro after re-enabling. For some reason without that power cycle the Z gets messed up.


I have a Whiteside 6120 1" fly bit. It has a hole in the center so I have to disable my BitSetter. The McFly does not have that problem. I remove my BitSetter because I don’t want to hit it while surfacing my spoil board. SO3 so I could go over the edge and wack my BitSetter.


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