Using the Rockler Rock-Steady machine stands

After a year, I think it is about time to get my Pro XL off my MFT folding table and onto something a bit more substantial. I’m thinking about the Rockler Rock-Steady machine stand kits (well the design your own pathway) Probably the 28 x 56 footprint, and either the 28 or 32 inch height (not sure on that yet).

I assume the center supports would help make it more rigid, and provide for mounting shelves or drawers.

Now it looks like the drawer/shelf brackets only come in 16, 20, 28 lengths so I assume that means I couldn’t make it deeper and keep drawers.

Any advice and/or hints from the folks who have used this system before?
I am especially interested in how folks mounted the electronics modules (it would have been nice if they had ears with mounting holes on them (suggestion for future versions), and how to integrate the dust collection into the work stand (I am running an Oneida separator with a shop vac)…



Talk to Rocker about the drawer supports. If they do not have a solution you could always make a bracket that attached to the top and hung down to support the back of the drawer rails.

For the SO5 a few people here on the forum have bought the Kreg stand kits. The SO5 is bigger than the 4Pro but also look at their offerings to see if they will work. Another source is OpenBuilds for their aluminum extrusions. They have all the parts to bolt together a quality stand. The advantage of the OpenBuilds is they have all the little connectors needed to make any custom size you want if the in stock ones dont meet your needs. The Aluminum extrusions can be cut on a chop saw with carbide blades and even on a tablesaw so you make it any length you want.

For me I like a little room on the front to lay my tools, basket to catch bits from router and my emergency power off switch. I have about 8" in the front of my Shapeoko.

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