Using touch probe for quick z measurements

Hey everyone, I’m just wondering if this is possible, and if not, I think it would be a very cool feature — the ability to use a touch probe for quick z measurements, without actually resetting zero for the z-axis.

For example, when I do a cutout profile these days I like to drop the endmill down to the wasteboard and use the paper method to see the difference in Z, then I convert that to inches and there’s my total depth of cut for my cutout profile. This usually gives me an absolutely perfect cut without carving up my wasteboard. I also do this to confirm my z-depths whenever carving in pockets or on multiple z levels, since I’ve noticed that things can be off by a few thousands of an inch between the pocket cut and the vcarve, which makes a difference for fine details.

This would also be a simple way to get a measurement for total board thickness, for those without calipers. Zero to the top of the board, then drop your bit to the wasteboard, and note the difference.

It would be much faster if I could use the probe for these sorts of things!

Is this something I can already do? And if not, is this a feature that has been requested before?

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