Using v-carving for outlines

I’m doing some fairly detailed work, and trying to understand how to use a v-bit for image outlines. I just want to cut along outlines, and not the space contained by them.

I’ve tried using the v-carve toolpath in Carbide Create, and I get results like this below:

Not the expected result. Could somebody point me in the right direction? Thanks!

To just cut along a path, use a follow path command.

To use a V-carving cut for such a file, you should edit it first, to expand the strokes into outlines — this will also afford you the opportunity to adjust the file to change the width of lines at various points to make things more expressive.

Awesome, thanks Will.

Do I need to adjust tool parameters to cut along paths with a v-bit? I imagine I’d need to adjust the depth to get the appropriate kerf.

Yes. Formula for matching depth to width at:

In your comment, you say to select Follow Path. Where do you find the command in Carbide Create? Or would this be something done in Inkscape or other program?

Follow Path = Toolpath | Contour | No offset