Using Vcarve to engrave acrylic with 90 V bit

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Hi there,

I’ve been running a couple of V bits on clear acrylic sheet sample to try to get a clean v groove but the result is usually the same at various Speeds and Plunge speed I’ve tested. I’ve tried slow and fast and would like to know of any techniques or wizardry I probably missed.

I’ve tried about 8 different settings with 2 different V bits: One 60 degrees and one 90 degrees Vbits and generally the results have been the lower half of the V groove make from the tool path shows a fair amount of white choppy plastic material.

Is there a miracle spray for the end mil? I’ve tried WD 40 as recommended but didn’t improve the end result


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Not that I have a ton of experience, but I think the problem lies in finding the correct feed and speed, depth of cut and spindle speed. Also, cast acrylic machines the best.

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