Using XXL kit to build XL size at beginning - Newbie post

Hello everyone! I am in complete “how to for dummies” mode so please bear with me if this has been stated somewhere else on the board and I am not educated enough just yet. The XXL package is arriving today.

I went big from the get go in ordering the XXL Shapeoko. I did this as I wasn’t certain where the journey would lead and didn’t want to be limited with where I could take my new interest. Now, I’m in freak out mode because it is going to be so large and cumbersome.

My question is this:

Can I use the components in the XXL kit to make the XL size at the beginning until I get used to things and then increase the size as needed or must I order something else to adjust? I would look at returning and adjusting to a smaller one but the cost for restocking and shipping is steep from PA to CA and then if I wanted to enlarge later, I would have to pay again. Hindsight and all that…

I saw where a lot of people have made the upgrade from the original to the XL or XXL but not what I am asking about.

Please advise.

No, you have the following parts which are specific to the XXL size, and are not the same as an XL / SO3:

Unfortunately, the wiki and the unofficial B.O.M. page were off-line: (now back up) so went from memory:

  • 2 XXL sized Y-axis rails
  • multiple front–back straps
  • not sure if the wasteboard halves from an XXL are the same as the single for an XL
  • wiring is all too long, Y-axis belting too long

This could sort of work if one had a Shapeoko 3 and an XXL upgrade kit, but even that is a bit tricky, another option would be to find folks who have upgraded from an SO3 to an XL or XXL, get their leftover parts and use those.

We do now have an XL -> XXL upgrade kit — not sure if we have the parts or the time to work up a custom XXL -> XL “downgrade” kit. You can get an idea of this by comparing the instructions:

I sympathise (wanted an XXL, but had to make do with an XL) — another option may be to find someone who wants to upgrade from an XL to an XXL and do a swap? That said, put in an e-mail to and we’ll put you in touch w/ someone who can be more help than mere speculation and broken links.

Wasn’t there a post a few days ago with someone wanting to upgrade their XL to XXL?
If not, I upgraded from an original SO3 to XXL and would part with my original rails.

Yes, and we now offer an XL -> XXL upgrade kit.

This is a bit different. @dragonfly we got your support e-mail, and it’s been assigned to someone who has the authority to look into it and act on it.

Theres a post on the shapeoko forum and i think a few people here would sell their left overs going from a stock s3 to an xxl,you may be able to get a great deal on the smaller frame.

If you cant find any for sale mabie try to start a thread and see what happens and as @dtilton71 stated he would be willing to part with his.