V bit change how deep it cuts

how do you make a v bit cut not as deep ? 15 degree need it not cut deep > help

Which CAD program are you using ? By default the program will make the V-bit go as deep as needed so that the width of the feature you are trying to cut is covered. Then there are settings in the CAD program to limit the depth artificially. If you need shallower V-cut, you may also chose a V-bit with a (much) larger angle.

You can:

  • use a follow path operation (no offset) — this will allow you to control the cutting depth, but will not preview correctly, use a 3rd party tool to verify before cutting.
  • use a less sharply angled endmill
  • reduce the depth of cut if using a tool which supports this such as Vectric Vcarve
  • inset/offset the paths and cut the original and the inset/offset — see: https://wiki.shapeoko.com/index.php/Carbide_Create_Basics#Clearing_area_around_drawing

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