V-Bit Depth without bitsetter

Evening Everyone,
I am looking to cut out a couple of Aztec calendars that have been shared with me, namely the Star Wars and Avengers ones.
I do not have a Bitesetter so I believe I am unable to set a flat bottom depth or use Advanced V-Carve. Is there a way that I can set this without tricking the machine by saying its a Contour? This obviously wont work with the detail shown in an Aztec Calendar.

If there is no other option does anyone know when Bitsetter’s will be back in stock or is Carbide releasing a new product/revision of the bitsetter?
Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

The Aztec/Star Wars/Avengers calendar typically do not need a flat depth limit, I would even say they look better using a regular vcarve op. You kind choose to cut deeper of shallower by using different Vbit angles. 90° will limit depth the most, 60° will cut deeper.

Advanced v-carve is most useful when there are large areas between edges of the vectors, but for those calendars that are so many details that there is no large area anywhere, and a regular vcarve toolpath will work fine.

That said, if you really want to use advanced vcarve toolpaths and you can’t get your hands on a BitSetter, in the meantime you can using @fenrus tool to split the G-code file into two separate files, one for each tool, and re-zero manually between the two.


I just checked the store and the BitSetter is currently out. I would encourage you or anyone that does not have a BitSetter to get one. I started with a basic SO3 XXL and added
HDZ 3.2
Proximity Swiches

Each of these add on pieces made my Shapeoko better and better. Everyone has a budget to spend on their hobby but I would highly recommend any or all of these accessories because they add to the user satisfaction using their Shapeoko.

If you want anything in the store that is sold out you can click the product and there will be a box to check so you will be emailed when it is available.

I dont work for Carbide3d or receive any commission or other compensation for recommending the products above. I like them so much that I can recommend them without reservation. Enjoy


If you’re not committed to Carbide Motion, there are other ways.

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Thanks for the replies everyone.
Julien, I’ll have a look at that g-code splitter later today and I see what you mean with the Bit difference, I’m sure it will remedy my time issue.
Guy, I do intend on buying a bitsetter but I didnt want to invest the money if a new revision of it is coming out like i did with the BitZero. I have an HDZ and proximity switches already and the machine is incredibly accurate. I agree with you that they are a great company I’ve had a brilliant experience so far!
Neil, at this moment in time I am set with Carbide Motion as I have only been at the CNC for a dozen or so jobs so far :-).

Thanks again everyone!

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