V bit settings question

Ok so have question regarding v bit settings for Shapeoko Pro with Carbide router.

Two different jobs with same bit, Amana RC-45711 90 deg v bit.

First sign using .110 depth per pass, feed rate of 45 IPM. Wood is cheap glued edge panel. Extremely clean and perfect.

My second sign using shallower .07 depth per pass, feed rate same on white pine board and get much different results…lots of “burrs” in grooves.

On the pine board, I’m assuming it’s a speed issue? Anyone have recommendations on speed/feed rate for pine v carving?

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My experience is that there are lots of type of pine, and most of them just don’t cut vcarve very well…due to the loose grain.
Things you could try (but don’t expect miracles)

  • run the job a second time. Sometimes it cleans up some of the fuzzies.
  • apply a coat of shellac/poly before the vcarve run.
  • get one of those downcut vbits (I don’t own one, but they exist)

I think you may have the source in your post: DOC 0.110 clean, 0.070 fuzzies.

My experience is too little ‘bite’ and I get fuzzies. For V bits, that often translates into too shallow causes problems. For flat end mills, too little width of cut. It is more pronounced in softwoods, but walnut has a real tendency to have an ugly wave of fuzzies that gets pushed sideways across the face of of a board.

I get wrapped around axle i didn’t even notice that. so many details to remember. It helped some, but think just product of soft pine. Thanks