V carve inlay for recipe box

(Brian) #1

I made this recipe box for my daughter. I’ve done woodworking as a hobby for years, but having this XL for the last couple of years has upped my game! I cut the “bears ears” dovetails on my Leigh Jig, but I’m confident I could do it on the shapeoko if I didn’t have this jig already. I used the shapeoko to cut the inlays and the top of the box. Again, I could have used the shapeoko for everything, but the tablesaw was quicker for the sides and bottom. I did use vectric v carve for the design work, then carbide motion the rest of the way.


(mikep) #2

This would make a fantastic tutorial topic - doing inlays this way is not totally obvious.


(Michael David Hiltner) #3

There are many good videos on YouTube for inlays one can do with VCarve Desktop or Pro. I just purchased my copy today, and I must admit that inlays in boxes are what I am leaning towards!

Oh, I just noticed the beautiful Dovetails! Wonderful work!


(Rick) #4

Nice work! How long did it take to mill the male side of the inlay?
Really like the dovetail work as well!


(Brian) #5

Thanks Rick! It took a little over an hour. If I did it again, I might break it up and do four different sections as it worried me to glue that whole thing up and get solid clamping on it, and it would have saved a bit of time.

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