V-Carve keeps plunge really deep

I have tried several times now to do some simple text as a V carve at 1mm deep. It keeps just full sending and plunging until the bit stops spinning.
I’m zeroing like I do any other project as well.

The text is only 50mm wide so not very big. The preview shows it as just 1mm deep too.

Where is the origin in the file? Top or Bottom?

Lower Left & zero height from the top

And you are setting your Z zero on the top of the material as well?

Not the issue here, but you typically won’t want to limit the depth of the simple Vcarve path. The depth is really limited by the distance between the vectors it is cutting. The v bit will go as deep as it needs to in order for the edges of the bit to touch the edges of the vectors.

If you need to limit the depth consider Advanced VCarve.

Well you are right about “I should be using advanced v carve”.
It’s been a while since used a v bit. I forgot that is the tool path that will give me what I’m looking form. Trying that now.

It still should dive like that unless maybe you were setting Z zero at the wasteboard or it didn’t measure the bit after you set Z zero.

hrmm… now it’s not registering the bit setter. Gonna have to do a total shutdown and revive after I cook mothers day dinner

If Momma ainit happy then no one is happy.

Limiting depth in a simple vcarve can cause unexpected results. A simple vcarve should always use bottom of material to get a full cut and all the corners correct. A simple vcarve goes down the middle of an object and goes as deep as necessary to touch both sides of the object. That can cause you to cut through thin material. As suggested above advanced vcarve is necessary when wanting to limit depth. A flat end mill is used to carve out flat areas and the vee bit just goes around the perimeter to the prescribed depth. Using a limited depth on a simple vcarve can make for some lets say artistic effects. For others it is just a bad mistake.

Downloaded the new motion software, ran a bunch of tests with the new bit-setter stuff, re-configured the machine and all is good. Making sawdust again with out swearing. Thanks for the prompt responses!

VCarve, a depth limited VCarve, Advanced VCarve and Advanced VCarve with clearing bit:
Screenshot 2023-01-17 013012

The depth limited VCarve is never what you want, unless you are looking for a very specific ‘artistic’ style. If you think you want to limit the depth of a VCarve, switch to Advanced VCarve instead.

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Thanks for this. Very helpful. Still not sure why it was plunging 8+mm into the wood when the design/toolpath called for 1mm. updated software & total restart/re-config of the machine seems to have fixed it though