V Carve Polyline?

I was trying to do a wood trail map (sign) by importing the map as background and tracing over the paths with polylines. When I try to do v-carve on this the labels (text) show up in the simulation but the polylines are completely missing.

Do I have use a small ball end on the paths?

Why can’t I v-carve a polyline?

A V-carve can only be applied to a closed region / path. That said, a polyline is not that useful in Carbide Create since the app will automatically close the toolpath by returning to the origin point at the end of the path via a straight line.

If you’ll post your source file, we’ll gladly look at it and see what can be done with it.

Well not sure what you meant by source but here is an example .jpg I was using as a tracing pattern.

You have to use a closed path.

Open paths show as magenta in Carbide Create until they are closed.

Best thing to do is to start a polyline or curve on a snap-to-point so as to be able to ensure that it gets closed (don’t click on the “Done” button).