V-Carve Pro DFX to Carbide create?

Hi all,

I run v-carve pro V5 and it does everything I want and need …but it won’t allow me to export as DFX to these newer programs (Create and others).
So I’m thinking about buying newer version was just wondering if any who is using it, could chime in and confirm the ability to send as DXF to create.
I appreciate your time, Ray

I don’t understand why if you had a workable version of Vectric V-carve why you would need to export to DXF for Carbide Create — why not just make G-Code from the file in Vectric, then send that to the machine using Carbide Motion?

I never said I couldn’t, I do it all the time. I simply used carbide create because others here would have access to it and if it works in create it would work in Inkscape, autocad etc. etc.

I’m buying a laser which using DXF, BMP, etc. etc.

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It does. From Vcarve do File.export.dxf That said, one programs DXF can be another’s garbage. Searching on the Vectric forum has many discussions.

I’ve found the DXF “standard” to be… not really that standard. Ditto for SVG, but that’s better. Can you export as a vector graphic and import into CC?


Please send any files which won’t import properly over to support@carbide3d.com and we’ll try to get them added to our test suite so as to improve the import.

Usually as @Adam_Xett noted, one can fix the files by importing into a tool such as Inkscape, then re-saving — LibreCAD actually has a “MakerCAM SVG” option which is often useful — really wish that everyone could standardize on that.

I can’t even import them into Inkscape.
I think my version of vcarve is to old, that is why I’m considering upgrading my vcarve.