V Carve Software for XXL SO3 or something else?

Using CC and CM with router. My background includes Alpha Cam, Master Cam, and Router Cim.
I would like something a bit more advanced.
I was looking at V Carve Pro. It looks really good especially for the price.

  1. Does it have a post processor for SO3 or do I need to use something else?
  2. Would you recommend another software that I’m unaware of?

Thanks in advance.

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I have VC Pro and use their Shapeoko (MM) post processor with my SO3XL. It works great (you can use the MM version of their post processor even for designs you do in inches).

I love the Vcarve line of software because when I’m ready to upgrade to Aspire (for 3D) I only pay the difference in price and waiting didn’t cost me extra. The same principle applies to you if you want to start with their Desktop version first. It wouldn’t cost you extra when you upgraded to Pro or Aspire (you only pay the difference in price).

I’ve made some changes to their post processor to add “Fast Plunge” and am trying to rework the end of job commands. Those are just nits and the post processor works well and the Carbide Motion runs the files without issue.


I and many others here use Fusion 360. Full 3D parametric modeling is super useful to visualize your part and the software looks really nice when using it. The big thing is that it is free for hobbyists too. I’d recommend you try it and if you don’t like it, you’re not out a few hundred bucks like you would be with V Carve Pro.

There’s a list of software on the wiki. Which you choose would depend on:

  • budget
  • inclinations
  • how you wish to work
  • what sort of work you want to do

Some notable choices and why I think they merit consideration:

  • Solvespace — free / opensource 3D CAD / modeling — suited for mechanical design
  • Blender — free / opensource 3D modeling — suited for free-form design
  • Moment of Inspiration — inexpensive, reputed to be easy to use, designed for use with a graphics tablet and suited to organic modeling and other uses
  • Shapr3D — inexpensive if you already have an iPad Pro and Apple Pencil
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You’ll likely find that most people that use Vectric products are very happy with them. I personally use VCarve Desktop on my XXL and have yet to feel the need to upgrade to Pro, but I might eventually if I see the need. They make very well thought out and simple to learn software.

Is there something better? All depends on what sort of work you’re trying to do. I use VCarve for about 95% of what I do, signs, flatwork, etc… For 3D I use Catia (because it’s what I use at work), then export STL files for use elsewhere. I played with Fusion 360 and found it cumbersome, but I had no real reason to learn it since I’m already well versed in a different software, but other folks seem to like it.


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Good information for me to consider.
I should have been more specific in what features i need and or like.
I cut signs and some parts for assembly.
Nesting would be nice.
I use the Vcarve feature in Carbide create for some of the lettering i do so i would like a more effecient option. Carbide Create seems random in cutting.
Saving common tool routines and or knowledges would be great.
Budget free to 1000 dollars.
Im not really looking to do a lot of 3d carving per se. Vcarving letters is all i need.

From what you say your needs are I’d say you’ll love VCarve. For what you’re trying to do I like to call it a machete as compared to the Swiss Army knife many other software offers. It does what you are wanting to do really well. You can always download the demo and give it a try for free.


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Thanks, thats what ill do.

Another plus for Vetric is all of their products use the same user interface so an upgrade is more like adding new features instead of starting over learning a new program from scratch.

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The first thing I tried was Inkscape. It is free and there are lots of YouTube videos to help figure it out. It was okay for the first couple of weeks on my little CNC 3018. Then I saw some VCarve videos on YouTube and it looked far more intuitive. There were also tons of videos and they offered a free trial. I got the free trial and at that point it was obvious that this was the way that I wanted to go. I only had to decide whether to go with the desktop or the pro version. I went with VCarve Pro and I’m glad I did.

I’m going into my 3rd week with my Shapeoko XXL and am now toying with Carbide Create. It’s not as “robust” as VCarve Pro but it’s free, somewhat easy to use, I like some of its features.

Eventually I will try Fusion 360 but right now I’m still trying to wrap my mind around VCarve Pro and everything else in my new hobby.


I went with V-carve pro but saw its limitations with 3D and I also want to working with lithophanes so I ended up with Aspire 2 weeks later. It is kind of costly but I hope to recoupe in sales.

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Thanks for all of the information and suggestions.
After review and watching a number of videos I like V Carve Pro. Its interface is very familiar to programs I am used to, eg. older versions of Alpha Cam Master Cam. When I get a larger machine it will grow with me, and it is capable of doing more than I need in order produce items for my customers.

Guys, I really appreciate the help.

Yeah. I think you’ll be glad you went with VCarve Pro. After making that decision myself I had to make a decision as to whether I wanted the XL or the XXL. (Decisions…decisions). After checking out YouTubers “Stufftokeepyouentertained” and “Myers Woodshop” I went with the XXL. I’m glad I did that too. It takes up a bit more space but I hope to be into this thing for the long haul.


I too felt CC was too limiting. I originally purchased Vectric V Carve. But when I saw the inability to work in certain modeling aspects, I downloaded the trial version of Aspire. It was quite expensive. But the doors it opens to work with more advanced 3D modeling was worth it. I upgraded to Aspire and have been very happy with the entire “brand” of Vectric. The tutorials and sample projects are very helpful. No regrets.

Im sure I will be happy with it. I only needed XL, but git XXL. Easier to not use something I have than use domething I don’t.

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