V Carve through without clearing

I’ve been experimenting with using a 60-degree V bit using a contour for paths on a 1/2" piece of plywood that I am cutting all the way through the material (and then I remove the chunks) (Note, tabs are not an option since it alters the path).

I would rather use the actual V Carve feature in Vectric, but since I’m cutting all the way through, I don’t need the clearing paths (and the super long time to do it). However, I’d like the sharp corners that v carve offers etc. Is there a way to do this?

If your design is not overly complex, a simple way is to add inset geometry that is barely larger than the width of the vbit that is engaged in the material when the tip of the vbit reaches the bottom of the stock.
Say you want to vcarve a square, but instead of vcarving all the inner area, you create an offset square, inwards, by twice the material depth. If you then create a vcarve toolpath using the original square an the inner offset square as the vcarve boundaries, you will essentially end up with a through cut with sharp corners.
Clear as mud?

The design is pretty complex. It is similar to a Jacko lantern or Pumpkin image that you carve into the face of the wood. I’ve got ok results so far but know that it would be a lot better with the vcarve option (I think).

Just off the cuff, but since V carve pro writes a separate toolpath for clearing and the vcarve, you could just select the vcarve tool path. I just did a quick check, and it generates a “Vcarve (clear)” and just “Vcarve”. Just select “Vcarve” and should give you the result you are looking for.

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I am seeing that as well. I’ll try this and see if it does what I’m looking for. I truly appreciate the help!

Hi. This is almost the answer that I am looking for. When I create the vcarve toolpath - pocket clearing and vcarve I set the boundry about 2 mm larger than the project. The clearing path is perfect but with the vcarve toolpath it cuts the letters and the boundary of the project. Is there a way that I can take the boundary( outside vector) out or manipulate it so that I dont cut it twice? The machine is actualy cutting in the air so I would like to save some cutting time. Thanks, Gawie

Inset the geometry?

If that doesn’t help, post the file.

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