V carve trickery

OK, so I am trying to do something that might me difficult or not really possible (easily) with my nomad.

I want to inset an 8mm diameter into some jewelry (wood, plastic…) and I thought maybe I could make use of my 90degree V bit I got from inventables. First thought, draw a circle just a hair over 8mm diameter and lets see what happens when I tell it to V-carve it (using Carbide Create).

Well I have not cut it yet but it does not look good in preview. Rather than the cutter traveling in a circle around the inside edge of the line it zips back and forth across the hole until it hits the line. Don’t think this is going to end up smooth enough to do the job.

Any ideas of an easy way to do this using CC?

Or do you think this will work as I have it set?

Unfortunately our V carve algorithm doesn’t do well beyond the specific range of widths and so forth which are possible with an endmill of a particular diameter, and the software won’t model a V endmill used for anything other than a V carve.

If you manually adjust the geometry to create the desired toolpaths you could use a 3rd party tool such as CAMotics to preview.

My understanding is that usually gem setting is done by hand into a rough opening for the best and most secure fit. There’s millennia of experience and technique on this.

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