V carving help me please 😭 - SOLVED

I have struggled with v carve since I got the machine, and run into it he same problem every time. I have tried both with an engraving bit and a 60 degree Amana v bit. Getting the same result with both. ![image|374x500](upload://xksGrSikQ6xBd5FWyhotqHjrXW0.jpeg)

Sorry but your photo doesn’t exist, and as a new user you may not have permission to post it. Email it to me and I will post it as well as try to help you with your dilemma.


You did not state what your problem is and we can’t see the picture. Are you using Carbide Create? It could be a limitation of CC since it does not offer much in term of controlling the VCarve process including depth of cut, it tries to pocket between the lines so it can pass through your material or leave only a small scratch on the material depending on the size of the font and that can be an issue.

Ok, here is Matt’s photo.

Not a lot of information, but I think this is a letter “O” or a Zero…and it looks like your Z is set too deep.

Several reason of causes for this. Carbide Create (CC) generates the GCode bases upon the tool geometry, so if the angle is wrong/different from the tool vs what CC thinks it is the depth will be off. Or perhaps you set the tool incorrectly, and since you say this has happened every time, I am going with the tool definition.

Try raising your tool 1mm (0,040") and re-setting the Z0, and then rerunning the code. Email me the photo of the rerun.

Let me know if anything is confusing…

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I’ve upgraded your account so that you can post images.

Please review https://docs.carbide3d.com/tutorials/tutorial-homing/


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Are you defining the bit angle correctly?

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Thank you everyone for your help. I solved the issue by playing around with the custom tool settings. I decreased the

Whoops! Decreased the tool diameter. Seemed to fix the problem… for now.