V carving in design looks jagged with 60 degree v bit

While designing a v carve using an image traced text the simulation comes out jagged but if I change to a 1/32 end mill as a pocket it looks great. I have tried this with other v carves and they all come out jagged. I can put same trace into Easel and comes out perfect. Is there something I am missing in Carbide?

Hi @Dave58,

can you upload the c2d file for a look ?

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The vcarve has like tabs shown and the pocket is smooth but does not complete the cut due to the bit size.

Thanks for any help you can provide, this is for my wedding.
Date test for Carbide C.c2d (153.0 KB)

You are depth limiting the V carving:

Instead, allow the algorithm its head:

(I also increased the stock thickness to ensure that it could cut as deeply as needed — draw the cut up in profile or do the trigonometry to verify that it can cut as deeply as necessary, or use an Advanced V carving which doesn’t distort appearance since it cuts along the perimeter.)

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