V-wheel locked up .....wth

Left side y rail v-wheel just suddenly seized …locked up and aint moving … less then 50 hours on the machine.
Film at 6

The Shapeoko Pro doesn’t have V-wheels? Can you share pictures or a video of what you’re describing?


My Bad then …the bracket the gantry screws to with bearings that slides along the left y rail… Ill get some pics video.

Thx for your help I was able to fix issue seems a small piece of metal got into the guide groove and locked up the bearings. Alil wd-40 and a few gentle nudges it broke loose and I was able to remove the obstruction

thx Layne

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Good that it’s moving.

It’s probably worth re-oiling the linear rail blocks soon, WD40 is great for cleaning things out but acts as a solvent for oils and tends to remove them.


Thx Will do!..have done… have a great xmas holiday or whatever you cherish…Layne

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