V-Wheels Sticking

Just got my new Shapeoko 3 and, before assembling, I’ve noticed two of my v-wheels spun freely but the rest were difficult to rotate by hand. The only way to get these to rotate freely is to loosen the screw holding them in place. Any compression by tightening these screws will cause the bearings in the V wheels to bind.
I told tech support about this and they promptly sent me replacements but these have the same issue.
Has anyone else noticed difficulty with rotating their V wheels before assembling their machine?

The only time I have had a V-Wheel bind is when I place the washer on the wrong side…(it should not be on the side nearest the screw head).

Yep, I made sure the washer was in the correct place. I’ve removed the variables of washer placement, v-wheel placement and screw so the only thing left is the v-wheel assembly itself. I’m thinking the shim that is placed between the two bearings is not the proper thickness so when you apply even a small compression load on the bearings from the screw, the bearings deform and the balls bind. But, on some of the v-wheels this is not an issue…

In the past this sort of problem has been caused by the internal race on the V wheel not matching the precision shim in thickness — the X-Carve folks were actually advocating fiber washers for this reason, and there was a guy back in the SO1/2 days who offered copper which one could stone down to the appropriate thickness.

Things should match. If they don’t let us know at support@carbide3d.com and we’ll do our best to make them right.

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Thanks Will. You guys have already reached out to me and are sending me another set of wheels.
I appreciate the support,

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Also see: https://timf.anansi-web.com/wp/shimming-shapeoko-3-wheel-bearings/

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My new set of V wheels arrived yesterday and they all work perfect. Now I’m back in business and have started assembly of my Shapeoko 3.
I appreciate tech support working with me to resolve this.


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