Vacmaster VF408

I bought one of these ‘ultra-quiet’ vacuums:

It has a 1-1/2" hose. I think I know the answer to this, but could I stay with the 1-1/2" hose from this to my dust deputy, then go 2-1/2" to the dust boot?

Has anybody used one of these Vacmasters? If I can’t make it work I’ll just return it.

Edit: I just tested it with the 1-1/2" hose, and with a 2-1/2" hose. As expected, 2-1/2" is better. It’s not quite the suction I’m getting from my current Rigid shop vac, but it’s so much quieter and may be sufficient.

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I haven’t used that particular model, but I did buy a model VBV1210 about four years ago. I’ve had zero trouble with it and it’s provided all the suction I’ve need. As I stated in my review on Amazon: “This thing could suck the sorrow off a recent widow.” I plan on buying another one to use as dedicated dust collection for my SO3 XXL.

I don’t see a problem using a 2-1/2" hose, since my model and yours have the same rated (but probably BS) horsepower. I think the biggest difference is capacity. But, if you’re going to be using a cyclone or other separator, you won’t need to worry about capacity.

When I’m using the router, between the router noise and the cutting noise, vacuum noise is just another component. On the other hand, when I’m using the laser, I have no cutting noise and no router noise, so having a quieter vacuum connected to my SmokeSucker would be nice. From the photos, however, it looks like the VF408 has a rectangular filter exhaust with no way of connecting a hose. Is that correct?

I have an exhaust hose on my vacuum that connects through the wall so superfine dust and laser smoke don’t end up in my workspace. Definitely can’t trade that for quieter operation.

Correct - it has a rectangular filter. It looks like it wouldn’t be hard to modify it to accept a hose. Maybe 3D print something? I’ve been using it for about two weeks - it’s under my router. My old vac was about six feet away in the corner of the room. With the router running I can barely hear this vacuum. The other vacuum drowned out the router. So relative to my old vac, it’s a huge improvement. I jerry-rigged a 2-1/2" hose onto it; now that I know I’m keeping it, i’ll do something more permanent.

It’s $72 at Walmart. Buy it & try it; if you don’t like it, take it back.

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