Vacuum Hose Suggestions


I was wondering if there were any specific vacuum hoses you would recommend. My current set up has plexiglas walls in which we cut out a hole for the vacuum to go through. Only issue is the hose is too stiff and rigid to move in and out of the hole to keep up with the router. I have been looking for a much more flexible hose that would work as the section I would leave on the interior of the enclosure. It would connect from the router inside of the enclosure to the hose im currently using outside the enclosure. Just an idea I had, but any and all suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks.

Austin, I haven’t tried it yet but I’m going to use some vinyl duct inside the enclosure and transition to the vac hose once it passes through the ceiling of my enclosure. I hope to try it out this weekend. I’m just not sure if it will collapse from the suction or not. It’s normally used to vent bathroom exhaust fans. If it works it would be the lightest weight duct I know of!
Will let you know how it works.

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What size hose do you need? I use this 2.5" hose i bought on Amazon. It is very flexible.

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I have been happy with this one:
I went into the local Rockler store and played with all the hoses they carried, and this one has the best flex; much better than the Shop-Vac brand that I originally purchased.

Note, however, that it wants to be fully collapsed at rest, so you will probably have to hang it in some way to keep it extended. I made my hole in the top of my enclosure, and the hose just drops down through. I anchored it at the hole, though, so that I didn’t have the full 12-feet of hose inside my enclosure.

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Here is the vinyl hose. I used a transition piece at the top of the enclosure and secured it with L brackets. This is 3" hose and it is as light as a feather. I’m using this with a 6HP Shop Vac. It would not hold shape with an industrial dust collector but works very well for this purpose. You should be able to find this at a Lowes or Home Depot. Just an alternate and low cost suggestion.


So an update is do! While running a fairly long job I noticed the wire starting to wear through the vinyl where it touches the router. It doesn’t look like this is a long term solution as a dust collection hose.

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