Vacuum options for dust collection

I’ve put off building an enclosure for my xl because my old HD Rigid shop vac is noisier then the DeWalt 611 :rage:. I figure, what’s the point.

I’m still not at the point where I’m comfortable leaving the garage for more then a few minutes while a job is running. But I’m getting tired of wearing “ears” for hours while I work on other projects while running a CNC project. So, time for an enclosure AND a new QUIET shop vac. Thus this post.

I’ve of course looked around on the web. It seems Bosch, Fein, Festool have some fairly quiet models it’s just that I’m having a hard time getting my head around paying $250-$500 for a shop vac. Ouch!

So, what are you all using? I’m looking for something 70db or less. It will have to stay in the garage and will be used in conjunction with a dust deputy. Thanks

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What about building an enclosure for your shop vac?

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Hmmmm…a possibility I suppose. Now why didn’t I think of that?

Only occurred to me because I saw someone do it :slight_smile:

@Griff Enclosures are the way to go for sound control. Do a search at the top for “Enclosure” and you’ll get oodles of good posts for info and inspiration. A five sided box with a split/lift front and a window is the most common version.

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I had an old Craftsman and yes it was way too noisy. I decided to upgrade. I went online and found a few various reviews. The one that was recommended that wasn’t way too expensive was a Rigid 12 gal. I am quite impressed. For about $100 it is quite quiet and has great suction. Only downfall, is it still has an old standard filter. I acquired a dust collector and have greatly reduced that problem.

I would look at the Rigod.

I made an enclosure for the vacuum too! A layer of phonique foam 30mm/ plywood 5mm/ foam 10mm/ medium 22 mm. Working very well

I’d knock up an enclosure.

I’ve now changed to a water cooled spindle and have an enclosure, now my pump (for the water cooled spindle) is noisier than my mill - happy ears.


Downloaded a free dB measuring app and actually measured the noise level.
Decibel X - dBA Noise Meter by SkyPaw Co. Ltd

3’ from the Rigid shop vac measures 91 dB. I have the vac/dust deputy located on the opposite side of my garage, about 20’ away where the noise level drops to 75 dB, next to my SO3XL.
SO3 w/611 at max is 84 dB at 3’; drops to 73 dB @ 15k.

The shop vac/dd is currently in a slapped together tandem arrangement on wheels, takes up a lot of precious floor space. I’ll be changing that to an enclosed, stacked configuration, hope to reduce the noise to 66 dB or less.

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The vacuum cleaner enclosed with the S3 works well for me but I had to provide adequate (and properly silenced ventilation) in order to avoid the heat accumulation inside. With a 20 years old 1000W vacuum cleaner 63-60 db is easily achievable.

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All done, 67 dB, 1” styrofoam insulation, 2x2 1/2” holes in bottom for exhaust.


Just want to say @Griff that I’m jealous of your shop. I’m available for adoption and I sweep sawdust fairly well…

In all seriousness I like the vacuum enclosure, simple and effective.

Ha ha. Thanks Evan. My shop continues to evolve, I retired a year ago last July and I’ve been gradually de-Mickey’ing my work area. My truck now resides in the driveway so I have more room.

The db shown (for just the vacuum) was from 24 inches from unit.