Vacuuming set up

Been reading posts about setting up a vac system for the CNC. I have a full vac system set up in my shop for all my woodworking machines. I’m thinking of just attaching a duck to the back of the cabinet then attach another run of vacuum hose to it which would connect it to my system. Anyone else have a set up like this?

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I have a Jet 1.5HP dust collector. The Shapeoko has a dust boot that I bought from Ebay. The dust port is only 1.5" and starves my dust collector for CFM because of the small port. I like the suckit setup but they are hopelessly behind on production. I made what I call the diving platform to support my vacuum hose. I bought 2.5" very flexible hose and turned on the lathe an adapter out of a piece of oak to go from the 1.5" to the 2.5" hose. I bought the dust boot on Ebay for $39.00. The dust boot attaches to the screws for the Dewalt 611 router lock button. I do not like that but several other designs do the same thing. The suckit design is better but as I already said they are out of stock and it takes them a long time to get your dust boot to you. I gave up on them and went with something I could get right away. The other issue I have with the dust boot I have is it sucks the dust skirt up the nozzle further restricting the air flow. I trimmed the bristles so they are not sucked inside the opening but that lets some saw dust fly.

I would not recommend running your Shapeoko without dust collection. Small dust particles are dangerous to breath and the dust from some materials also make a mess of your shop.


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