Values showing up as red and cannot type dot character?


First time user of Carbide Create here. I just installed it (build 301), and was immediately stuck:

  • upon opening CC, initial values are displayed in red text in all dimension fields
  • if I edit any value, text is black as long as I type numbers only, but
    • I can’t input a dot, only a comma
    • values with comma seem to be accepted, but upon coming back to the text fields, the value has become “NaN” (not a number)

so somehow, american-style values e.g. “0.1234” loaded by default are seen as invalid by CC at startup, and then the only valid values I can input are numbers with no comma or dot (since I cannot find any way to type in a dot)
I use a French install of Windows and French keyboard, but changing to US keyboard changes nothing.

Any clue ?


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You need to change the decimal separator in your internationalization setup from comma to a period.

I’m afraid Carbide 3D’s software isn’t properly internationalized. @edwardrford @robgrz — it would be nice if we’d use native toolkits for software development so that this sort of thing would “just work”.


Thanks a lot, problem fixed.


Will this ever be fixed?
Using Danish DK

Same problem here… and i was installing CC in various computers to see if solves the problem… thanks a lot man! :smiley: