Variation in glass engraving

Hi: I practiced with a 120 degree diamond drag bit today and while I got a result there’s variation in the intensity of the carving that I cannot explain and would like to fix before I do more. It’s a brand new bit. I’ve attached a photo. you can see the text at the bottom was done first as well as the lines in the right part of the circle. the lines in the farthest right part of the circle were done later in the cut and the words at the top were last.

Cut depth was .025, feed rate was 20" per minute. Wasteboard is flat and the 10"x10’ piece was evenly clamped. Any thoughts or suggestions would be appreciated. thanks

I do wonder what happens to these bits when they wear.

Could you send this file in to

Were you using an MC Etcher?

How much tension did you have on the internal spring? Could you increase it. Perhaps the diamond shaft is getting stuck without having even tension.

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I just used it out of the box. it was an RDZ / United Stamping bit made in CT. I will try a tension increase in a more controlled test- great idea!

No it was an RDZ/ United stamping from CT. I will send the file.

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Great concept! I’ve often wondered when etching, what happens if the spindle, or other bit holder rotates a few degrees while engraving, does it change the look? I know that’s reaching however. What if there was contamination of some kind on the glass, could that affect the cutting?

The diamond tip should rotate as needed, and shouldn’t make a notably different mark (a square or a diamond should come out evenly) — I’ve only done acrylic though (a glass project is in the works) — we have the .nc file at support (would be glad to also see the .c2d) and will do our best to look into it.

Just sent it. thanks again

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