Vcarve and carbide motion

hello all, I just got my S3 XXL and I’ve been knocking out project left and right.

Looking at Vcarve desktop/pro but can I still use carbide motion? I like the simple interface and the homing feature, which my machine has limit switches.

I use carbide create for simple designs but for more elaborate designs carbide create is very cumbersome.

For more elaborate stuff I create vectors in coredraw and the export as SVG file and import into Carbide create.

I started to see broken vector lines, I read that importing that into Makercam and exporting the SVG which seems to fix the problem.

So as of now I
Create in corel draw
export as SVG
import SVG into makercam
Export SVG
open in carbide create
choose tool files
send to carbide motion

Back to the question I had at the top, I just want a simple but poweful solution to making stuff

Works like a charm. Vcarve pro is what I’ve been using since the beginning. I don’t know if this is a carbide motion feature or vcarve but after a tool run my XXL will go back to part zero then it will go to the back of the machine (not home, just to the back) and wait for a command. Makes for a good spot to do a tool change. Ray

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AIUI, Carbide Motion will intercept tool change commands w/in the G-code and then insert the behaviour which you describe, so it’s a combination of two things:

  • Vcarve Pro inserting a tool change command
  • Carbide Motion acting on it