Vcarve confusion

I am new to the CNC world. I can’t seem to understand Vcarve. Seems like it should be simple but I can’t seem to figure out when it will work. I am using Carbide Create. Is there a tutorial or book I can get that will explain its application and settings? I have read some comments but the terms confuse me.
Feeling dumb.

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I am right there with you… I tackled doing 3d contours prior to the vcarve as it doesn’t seem very intuitive. But in any case there are some topics in the wiki that appears to give links that may help both of us out.

Ideally this would all be covered in:

If you’ll let us know specifically what difficulty you’re having we’ll do our best to help.

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There are dozens of videos on youtube by many different people on the use of Vetric software that cater to all levels of knowledge and ability.

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