vCarve Desktop Shapeoko3 Post Processor

Updated (9/28/17), please review:

There are two new vCarve post-processors attached here:

Shapeoko_inch_AX.pp: For GRBL-Panel and other more standard gcode senders

Shapeoko_CM_inch.pp: Specifically for use with Carbide Motion and it’s slightly odd tool-change commands.

I had two goals in with creating these. The first was to create gcode that was more readable for a newbie (like me?). I’ve commented the gcode as much as I think is helpful, without being too verbose.

The second goal was to provide some level of “toolchange” functionality. At the moment this takes the form of stopping the spindle, moving back to material setup HOME and waiting for a RESUME from the gcode sender. In GRBL-panel this is hitting the Resume button. You can also send a ~ to resume. In CM you have to hit the “Start” button again.

For now, please test if you can or want, provide as much feedback as you like. I’ve tested, but I’d probably suggest running air-jobs first, just to make sure nothing goofy happens.

Please take the “.zip” extension off the file. It should have a .pp file extension. Copy the file into C:\ProgramData\Vectric\VCarve Desktop\V9.0\PostP and restart vCarve.


  • Shapeoko_Inch_AX updated to include dwell times to allow time for the spindle to come to and down from speed.
  • bug: Do not include any parenthesis ( or ) in your job names, it will cause grbl errors because of the un-escaped comment characters. I’ll look into fixing this, but for now, just omit those characters. (6.1 KB) (4.8 KB)


Thanks, I’ll give this a go later today

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Does it matter if the machine is an Shapeoko xl and not an xxl? And yea I can use all the help and ideas I can get…


The only configuration differences there should be in Carbide Motion’s preferences:

Nope, machine size shouldn’t matter!

Very cool then I am gonna give it a try…thanks

Why are you using M00 - Program Stop instead of M06 - Tool Change?

I guess it depends on which Gcode sender program you are using and how it is implemented/interpreted.

Not sure if it is required, but whenever I do a tool change I always return to Machine Zero before starting again.

M6 is used in the CM PP because CM understands what to do with that command. Other g-code senders do not. Read the comments in the standard PP, they’re pretty self-explanatory

I looked at the “generic”, non-CM version. Just want to make sure that people understand that the use of these PPs depends on the Gcode sender that is being used. Before using you have to verify/test that the M00 and/or the M06 is being interpreted.

As you suggested, should verify with an air-job.

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Yep, always verify with an airjob. M06 should only be used in the CM one, which is labeled as such - unless it’s in the other and I missed it?

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I’m not able to unzip the files on Win 10. It says the file is corrupt. Anyone else see this issue?

Go back and re-read the post, the answer is there :slight_smile:

I’ve found a bug in this PP, be aware:

Do not include any parenthesis ( or ) in your job names, it will cause grbl errors because of the un-escaped comment characters. I’ll look into fixing this, but for now, just omit those characters.


Hi. I had some difficulty with PhotoVCarve using these post processors. I was rejecting the part of the code dealing with sections. I ended up having to comment it out. I haven’t done anything very intricate but so far everything has worked well since then.

Thank you for providing these. For some strange reason the generic code quit working with my Shapeoko. Everything was coming out very tiny!


@karen, thanks for mentioning this. I had the same issue recently with PhotoVCarve, which I purchased months ago when I got VCarve Desktop, but hadn’t tried to use yet. Same thing, whatever I tried came out very tiny when using the Grbl post processor, and this one worked for the metric but not inch post processor.

Hm… sorry to hear it’s giving you trouble! the Photo vCarve PP must be different in syntax… if somebody can upload one of the stock ones, I can look into working up a new one.