VCarve inlay made on Shapeoko 3XXL

My first VCarve inlay. Walnut board with maple sunburst.


Gorgeous work!

What software did you use?
Any tips you would be willing to share? you obviously know what you are doing! :smile:

Thank you!

I did it with Vectric Vcarve Pro. I used a 60 degree vee bit with 1/8" endmill for clearing. Walnut (female cut) has a 0.2" DOC, the maple (male cut) takes the same design and mirrors it. Then it has a 0.18 start depth and 0.02 DOC with the same 60 degree vee and 1/8" endmill. Lots of glue in all the cuts on both pieces, stick them together and clamp for 24 hours. When the clamps come off I run it through a surfacing to remove most of the maple. I then sanded the rest with 40, 80, 120, 180 and 300 grit paper. Finished with mineral oil and paste wax.

Let me know if you want more details


Thanks for the info! How fast do you like to run your 60 dg vbits in maple? I have so much maple (rough/slab) piling up in my shop. I need to start doing something with it.

Normally I would go pretty quick, but in this case, because I wanted to be sure the pointed ends were intact, I slowed it down to 35 ipm.

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Very nice work. I like the walnut and maple together.

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That is beautiful. I’m still a newbie, but someday, I’d like to get into inlays and figuring this stuff out. I need someone in Phoenix that would just let me watch how they do it.