Vcarve is not coming out smooth

Hi, I am new to working with cnc and when I am using the 60 degree vbit the engrave is not coming out with smooth edges especially with small letters.

I am using the shapeoko 4 XL with carbide router.

I am attaching the file for reveiw and help with how to get these letters smooth.

script sample mormor use stock bottom plunge at 30 TEST.c2d (660 KB)

It appears that something isn’t flat / level. Looking at “Everything”. the ‘E’ looks OK, but the ‘n’ is cut as if the cutter is going too deep. Since the ‘E’ is OK, that likely means the problem is with the stock or the wasteboard. Either the stock isn’t the same thicknesss (thicker where the ‘n’ is), or the wasteboard isn’t level (so the stock is higher where the ‘n’ is).

How does this compare to the 3D preview in the application?

Hi Michael,
the wasteboard and stock are level. If you look at the letters in “Everything” especially after the “h” the letters are curve. Plus the router does more poking than running a straight line. I am just trying to get a smooth cut.
I was checkig my router assembly and it moves a little. Do you know if thats normal? I tighten everything I could think of that would loosen up. Let me know.

Thanks for your reply. appreciate it.

Hi Will.
the preview looks great. Here is a sample.

In that case, make sure that the angle of the V endmill matches what was specified in the file, that the stock is securely in place, that it is flat and in-plane w/ the motion of the machine, and that no steps were lost when cutting.

Hi Michael.
Update: So the v-wheels on the gantry were loose. I didn’t think about making sure the wheels werr tighten. I check all other screws just not those. So the image came out smooth. Thanks for your help.


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Hi Will,
So it was the v-wheels on the gantry. They were loose. I had just tighten all the other screws just forgot about those. Thanks for you help. The image came out smoother.


I’m not sure in CC, but in Fusion 360, it allows me to configure the depth of each cut/pass for the V bit. For a 45/90 V bit, I have been using multiple cuts with a DOC of .040-.050”. While I know that’s shallow, what that does for the small writing is, it takes two passes to clear the letter and then usually a really small final pass that cleans everything up. With this method, I get really clean lines. Takes a bit longer, but less work on the other side.

Also, it helps if you seal the wood before routing letters/words. Some wood is more susceptible to tear out.

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