Vcarve Lettering - V-Bit Depth

Hello Everyone,
Looking for some advice. My Shapeoko Pro arrived and I have been doing a few first projects. I am having an issue with VCarving and what I think it the V-bit cutting to deep into the surface when plunging. I am using Vectric software, brand new Amana 60 degree V-bit. I am having the issue with and without the depth set but I maybe trying to VCarve to deep. Settings for the V-bit were downloaded from the Amana site for Vectric. Attached photos. Note the top of the G, S, and multiple spots on the E. Top of the Spartan helmet lower right and corners of the M. Oramask has some slight tear out. The new Amana 60degree V-Bit has a lot of tear out on the lettering. I am also zeroing the bit out on the material using BitZero V2.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

I am still learning on the vcarve bits myself. Where did you get the image? I am finding that if it is not a clean svg or dxf file, you can sometimes have extra nodes that cause unclean corners. The wood can also make a difference. When viewing some of the help videos, it looks like it helps to make a second pass over the areas to clean up areas where the wood may be pulling out. Someone more experienced may have better thoughts, questions, ideas…just some things I have learned so far.

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Thanks Roger,
The image was pulled from Vectric Desktop and they are straight line vectors on the M. The Spartan helmet has very few elements. The text is Times New Roman and is the more of the concern that I have. Wood was planed with whiteside bit sanded and sealer with sanding sealer.

Is it possible for you to share the .crv file?


I did play around with different styles for V-Bits and speeds and feeds. Basically I think for the style of VBit I was using the speeds were slightly fast but more attributed to the depth.

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