Vcarve Not Carving Full Image

Excuse my Vcarve ignorance as I have not really done any up until now and do not fully understand how it works I guess. Why is it that when I try to Vcarve a photo that I converted from a photo online into an SVG does vcarve not fully carve the file? See photos for example of what I am talking about.

Post the file?

I believe you’ll get the result you want by offsettinging, or maybe by using Advanced V carving.

Figure-ground reversal is a huge aspect of this sort of design work.

capricorn.c2d (444.4 KB)


Here are the files. What is figure-ground reversal?

Figure-ground reversal is the question of what should be light and what should be dark in a figure.

For this image, do you want the white areas to be carved away, or to stand proud?

I want the white to stand out and the dark to be carved away

Hi Nick, You’ll want to use the Advanced VCarve feature. If you have a BitSetter it is simple to run a job with a tool change. if not @fenrus has posted a utility to split the file into individual files for each tool. GcodeSplit - Split gcode files by toolpath

This is a 0.250 flat endmill for clearing and a 60 degree v-bit for the details. Please remember the preview is not as good as the cut.


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