Vcarve option for MAC user

I’m sure this has been discussed, but I can’t seem to find an answer. I’m looking to do signs and would like to find a good software program that allows for offsets with a vbit. I can’t seem to figure out how to do it with create (aside from manually creating offset paths in illustrator.

I’d like to get vcarve, but I’m a mac user… any options?

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I use VCarve on a mac with Parallels Desktop. You can install Windows free and it can run in the background so you dont even know its running. You can also use bootcamp to install for no cost at all, but requires a reboot to run.

I also have VCarve Pro running on my Mac using Parallel and performance is good. Compared to Bootcamp, you can run both OS at the same time and you can share data between programs using both operating system so you can edit a file in an app like Photoshop on the Mac side and open in VCarve on the other side just by clicking on the icon in the dock for switching app and you have access to all files on your Mac.

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I use Boot Camp, but Parallels definitely sounds like the way to go!

Parallels alternative:

You can install Windows free

Windows isn’t free…

I’ve tried Wine/CrossOver, while it seems to work decent with VCrave Desktop/Pro Trials it didn’t work so well after purchasing the full version, it has problems with updating the canvas drawing. so I resorted to a Windows VM.

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I do it in fusion360 on the mac.

Windows CAN be INSTALLED for $0.

Yes, but not licensed for long-term use:


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