Vcarve plunging deeper than desired

After watching numerous V-carve videos I have learned when using this feature during setup to select depth of cut to my stock size (0.75). In doing so the 60 Degree V-bit seems to go a bit further than I want it to.

I just cant get a happy medium with this feature, I would like to just do a simple V-carved text, wasted several pieces of stock im at my whitts end… what am I doing wrong ?

I tried several different fonts, feeds and speeds yet still nothing.

will using the (90 degree) vbit offer different results?

A V tool should only cut as deeply as it needs to — a less acute tool will cut more shallowly.

Which Z-axis do you have? Is it correctly configured? If you set the origin at the surface of the MDF and jog up 1 inch how much does the machine move?

How are you setting zero relative to the stock?

Is the stock consistently smooth/even? Is your MDF baseplate trammed/in-plane w/ machine motion?


Post your C2D file. We can’t help you if we can’t see the problem.

Dogs 90 vbit Final 19 May 2024 start here tomorrow.c2d (1.0 MB)

I selected the bottom of my stock in V-carve, This yields a bit deeper than I would like. Is there a way to use the V-bit to get custom depths… I have wasted more stock on the V-carve frustrating to say the least any help you can offer would be much appreciated.


Setting the project up…
set x,y zero by jogging to the corner of work piece, then I jog down and use the paper method to get my z zero. Stock is 36w x 16 tall pine board, smooth and level…

I understand the V-carve option will decide how deep to go, but on small text as you can see in the upload everything is deeper than it should be.
I have tried Contour with the V-bit still no success, its all over the place with depth cannot figure out what im doing wrong…


If you want a depth-limited VCarve, switch to an Advanced VCarve with a clearing bit.

If you want the look of a VCarve (no flat bottom), but shallower, switch to a wider-angled bit.

Limiting the depth of a VCarve is unlikely to give the results you want.

You say “as you can see in the upload everything is deeper than it should be”, but I’m not seeing that. The simulation looks correct.

I switched from the 60 to the 90 degree Vbit, still a bit too deep for my liking, I suppose I will try some more experimenting tomorrow. I suppose im looking for a shallower cut with the V groove…


I am attaching a photo of my work piece for you to see, tell me if you can see whats going on…

thank you in advance…

Good evening, here is a pic of my work piece, are the depths of cut normal in the case of a 90 degree v bit ?

Based on the uploaded file (90 degree bit), the larger uppercase letters should be approximately 0.2 inches deep and the smaller upper and lower case letters approximately 0.1 inch deep. It seems the words have been resized/stretched with slight differences from one line to the next, if so, even though they may be the same font, the depths/appearances will vary.

If the size of the smaller text were increased, one could then pocket all or some of the text with a 1/8 inch end mill to whatever depth desired.

V carving letters has its place but it can take a lot of trial and error with bits, fonts, and letter sizes to get a decent simulation. Then the material being cut adds its own issues.

Test cut letters on scrap before committing to larger pieces.


PS From what I can see from the pic resolution, your carving looks decent.

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You missed a couple questions…

Are you absolutely certain that when you ask the machine to move a specific distance, that it is indeed moving that exact distance? Did you measure the depth of the carve anywhere to verify that it’s the right (or wrong) depth?

Have you checked the entire surface to make sure it’s flat / parallel to the plane of XY motion on the machine? After setting your Z zero, move the tool all around the job & check the height. I assume you, like I normally do, are setting the Z zero somewhere near the XY zero. (lower left corner?). At the very least, check the height in the areas where you are cutting.

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