Vcarve Post Processor for Shapeoko/Nomad

So I just started learning Vcarve Pro Desktop and am trying to understand the Post Processor selection when I export a toolpath. I have only used CCPro and Meshcam before this and have not had to deal with this option. I am exporting to a Shapeoko XXL set up with the bitsetter and the bitrunner. This particular cut I am exporting does not require any tool changes. I see Shapeoko (mm) and Shapeoko (in) (.gcode) in the post processor drop down list in Vcarve. I also see in Carbide Create Pro that the default post processor is and Metric is selected for units. So I would assume that I should select Shapeoko (mm) in Vcarve. Does it matter that I do all of my drawings in inches? I exported the toolpath in both inches and mm and opened them in Carbide Create and they both seem to have the same Size in x/y/z, so maybe it doesn’t matter? I was just going to try and cut both files and see if there was a difference but figured I would ask here first and save the time.

Also, what should I select in Vcarve when exporting to my Nomad 883 as there is nothing in drop down list for that machine.

Thanks for any help.

There are some links at:

and it should be that in current versions the Shapeoko post-processor will work well (used to be that it didn’t allow tool changes) — if it doesn’t work out see:

@neilferreri post processor works in Vcarve DT just fine for me. I’ve lost the link to it, but neil will show up with advice on it.


Neil’s PP for VCarve is referenced in the community map:

@sweymouth don’t worry about designing in inches and exporting in mm or vice versa, it’s independent and the machine understand both because the PP inserts the appropriate command (G20/G21) to tell it whether the values are inches or mm. I think someone noted earlier that selecting the mm post has the advantage that less precision is lost in rounding errors, because the three digits used in GRBL commands interpreted as fractions of a mm grant a smaller error than three digits interpreted as inches (do I make any sense ?)


Yes, thanks. That makes sense.

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