Vcarve Pro and Post Processor

No I didn’t, I use the menu function. I will look at it, maybe I have to remove the old one before I install a new version

I’d like to find a solution that does not require uninstalling and re-installing VCarve.

OK, I found a tutorial on installing PP for VCarve that does it by manually copying the file into the PostP folder and I did. I will not be able to test tonight.

Neil, Just to be sure I did not mess up, I did a right-click on the Grbl_inch_TC.pp file on Github and saved it on my computer, I don’t see a download icon. I notice the file is bigger (105kB) than the rest of the PP (5kB), since I don’t get stuff from GitHub often, maybe I did not import the right thing and it is messing things up.

You probably saved the html page.
On the main page, there is a clone/download button. It will download everything in a zipped folder. I’ll get a quick step by step to get files from GitHub later.


I was not on the main page where the download button was not available. I was able to download but unfortunately, I get the line 7 error again. I don’t know if I should try to save toolpaths to run on the Shapeoko. I will be away tomorrow so I willhave to test upon my return.



Thanks, I will copy by had instead of using the PP install tool.

And this post processor has been confirmed to fully work (stop, change bit, go to bitsetter, ask for router start and continue) with Carbide Motion? Or do I need to go to UGS or CNCjs?

You’ll have to change the bit, but yes.

Not for this…No.

@neilferreri - thank you Neil for all your help! I certainly appreciate it!!

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@neilferreri - Noticed the download from 12/27 had some errors that wouldn’t let me run. Just saw you reverted back to the previous PP. Is there any known bugs with that download version? Thanks again for all the work here.

I had re-enabled arcs. I’m not sure what happened, but that caused some issues. I’m away from home for a few days, so I just rolled that back until I can test.
The current version works.

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Using my Bitsetter for the 1st time and Neil’s Vcarve Pro PPs … It’s time for some questions and answers now that I am on to my 2nd attempt in understanding how Vcarve Pro, Neil’s PPs and CM all tie in together.

Below are my steps outlined so it’s easy to follow my process.

  1. Vcarve Pro, tool 1 and 2, gcode generated.

  2. Using Neil’s <Shapeoko_inch_TC.pp> , Tool Change PPs.

  3. CM on software boot up, 3 prompts, Load New File, Load New Tool (grayed out), Initialize Machine. I select , gantry moves to homing positions.

  4. Initializing done, gantry moves to center front position.

  5. Pop up menu, <Tool Change Required. Tool inserted and press continue.

  6. Gantry moves to Bitsetter location and performs internal tool height calculations.

  7. Gantry moves to front center location.

  8. CM menu prompts, Load New File, Load New Tool, Start Job (grayed out).

  9. I can bypass step 8 and go to the Jog tab or Load New File.

  10. Load New File.

  11. Click on Jog Tab, Jogged to left corner of work piece and performed X,Y,Z probing using Touch Probe.

  12. Now I am going to zero my Z on the spoil board following one of the YouTuber’s CNCNutz, “Don’t Spoil Your Spoil Board” video. Gantry moved to a spot near work piece and Z lowered till no visible light between bit and spoil board. Z zereod using CM Set Zero.

  13. I am all done with zeroing the X,Y&Z axis. Now on to the RUN tab.

Here’s my question: Do I need to click Load New Tool in the Run Tab or can I click on the Start Job.

CM and Neil’s PPs performed the bitsetter before I zeroed the Z axis. I would think that I need to do the bitsetter AFTER performing the Z zeroed since the bit setter is taking into consideration the Z zeroed reference.

Or, it does not matter since the Bitsetter is using the initialization of the first bit measured and that is the reference that the bitsetter is using and not the Z zero offset.

Well … my 2nd attempt, the Z went plunging deeper than what I set it for 0.2" profile cut is now 0.4" in one pass. Had to shut it down.

Not sure what happen, only thing I changed from my 1st go is Z zero at the spoil board.

My first go was the Z zeroed using the Touch Probe for X, Y, Z.

Vcarve Pro 3D animation show all good … is there a bug, what did I do wrong …

When you Start Job, CM will:
Move to tool change location
Prompt to insert first tool
Do its BitSetting
Prompt to start Spindle
Run part of job with fist tool
And go from there with the prompts and spindle start stops and BitSettting.

EDIT: I see you made it past that…

Do you have Z zero at the spoilboard in V-Carve?


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At what point do you zero X,Y,Z?

After Tool Change and Bitsetter.


Tool Change and Bitsetter, Zero X,Y,Z, then another Tool Change and Bitsetter then run the job.

Before you “Start Job”…just like you did before the BitSetter.

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Yes … Z zero at spoil board on Vcarve Pro.

I understand to do a X,Y,Z zero before starting the job. This also applies to BitSetter.

Does a X,Y,Z zero, or Z zero need to be done before or after Bitsetter?

I might be missing the point of your question, but the BitSetter is all automated. Carbide Motion will run the BitSetter routine after “Initialization” homing. It will then run the BitSetter routine when you start the job when each tool change is called.
You just set your zeros after the “Initialization”.
Then start job.

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