Vcarve Pro and Post Processor

Granted CC and CM is great for the new comer to the world of CNC, I am now finding my work flow progressing and looking to see what others are using with Vcarve Pro for their post processor.



I use the Shapeoko inch GCode and I have had no issues so far.

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I modified the “mm” version that came with Vcarve 9.5. I didn’t need to change it for version 10.

I modified it to use Fast Plunge and also use the IoT relay to turn the spindle on/off. I produce big files for 3D stuff so I use UGS as the sender

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I also use UGS as the sender. As I recall, CM forces a re-homing before every toolpath, and I didn’t like that. I typically home once during a job, and with the XXL the gantry has to travel pretty far to home and then you have to bring it back to where you are working. That’s extra time wasted for me. In any case, UGS has not given me any issues with gcode file size either.

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  1. CM with Vcarve Pro doesn’t support tool changing so I have to create tool files for each separate bit tasks.
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Posts modified with tool changes and dwells. (4.7 KB)
EDIT: Fixed so first tool number outputs correctly.


Does UGS support tool changes? So I could just save all tool paths and it’ll stop and wait for me to change the bit? That’s certainly a nice feature. If it does that, I may have to go to UGS

These files, can you explain … is it entered into the CM MIDI, Vcarve Pro or UGS?

File --> Open Application Data Folder. Add the posts (unzipped) to the “PostP” folder. Then restart the program.

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Thanks, had to show hidden files; Program Data\Vectric\Vcarve Pro\ …\PostP.

Next question:

I selected all the tool paths using the 0.25" and 0.125" bit. On one tool path, Vcarve Pro has the option to select a clearing tool.

I select all the tool paths and select the Post Processor as GRBL Tool Change. I get a tool error, “… both use tool number 1 but the geometry of the tools are different”

Edit one of the tool numbers.

Not sure how to edit tool number … I am guessing that the tool number is how the gcode files are selected.

I can edit the name …


LOL … you are so quick to post a vid tutorial got me laughing out loud the wifey had to just ask why I was laughing.

Thanks that vid reaaaallly helps.

So I am guessing that you do the tool numbering to group all the like type bits so as to create a smooth work flow. Then a tool change for the next bit.

Don’t worry about the tool numbers. You place the order you want before you save.

The tool numbers don’t necessarily output correctly (first one is always “T1” if I recall), but it will use the M6 and correct tool number after the initial tool.

My wife is asleep on the couch, so I thought I’d try to get a couple projects done (one in Fusion 360, and one in V-carve), so I can cut tomorrow.


Thanks Neil, so do you use CM or UGS. I am hesitating in using UGS primarily due to the fact that I want to turn out this project vice another learning curve.

In the mean time this new code addition fixes one of my work flow issues.

Thanks for your help and contribution to the C3D community.

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No problem. And neither…I typically use CNCjs.

Watching a YT on CNCjs and Shapeoko … are you still able to use the Shapeoko Touch Probe? If so, do you use a caliper and get the physical measurements than enter a gcode for a macro into CNCjs?

Now I am curious as to what is this CNCjs and how it compares to CM.

Yes & Yes.
Can of worms here, and I need to get to bed, but here’s some light reading for you:



I watch one of your YT vids, when you zero your Z axis on the piece of metal does your macro subtract the difference from the original input value during a tool change?

Also, found a thread on your work flow but still trying to grasp my head around this gcode programming.

From reading … you store a permanent zero in the gcode location. So whenever you touch off from the metal it knows the value for the Z.