Vcarve Pro and Post Processor

Sorry… I’m no videographer.

Basically, with the newest macros I shared on GitHub, you set Z zero (however you like to), then probe the first tool wherever it’s convenient and repeatable. CNCjs will store the work position relative to your Z zero and apply that to any new tools you probe.
I’m hoping someone (@GrantyGrant?) will make a quality video showing the process. I don’t have the time (5yr old, 3yr old, and one on the way) or patience to make a quality video, but I get a lot of questions. It really is straightforward once you get used to the lack of descriptive prompts. Been super accurate and precise for me too.


Thanks, even if the vids are not of great quality … just seeing is learning. It’s easier to watch and learn than to read and digest.

So I added the gcode Tool Changer to Vcarve Pro.

I am at the point where: “Tool Change Required, Insert Tool #2 and click and continue”.

Question, how do I zero Tool #2 … Z axis.

Using the CM and Touch Probe.

Yep this is the issue with CM, you cannot re-zero within a job, you will need to change to CNCjs.

Well, today’s announcement for the BitSetter and the new Carbide Motion 418 makes this thread more relevant. I already installed the post-processor that @neilferreri created. Now waiting for my BitSetter to arrive.

Yes … waiting for my bitsetter to arrive …

Does this mod account for tool retract in CM? @GrantyGrant seemed to have an issue resolved with a macro in CNCjs, but I’m wondering if CM will know to do the retract prior to a tool change.

There’s nothing special about the post processor. It just adds an M6 to the gcode where a tool change is required. CM, with the bitsetter, will run the tool change sequence when it encounters that M6. It will retract, move to tool change location, and then do all the probing magic. The same can be done with senders, like CNCjs, that allow macros.


@i3oilermaker I cannot confirm as I don’t have a tool setter to test anything, but much like the HDZ, I would love to play with them someday. I’m in the middle of trying to start a side business with my SXXL, so the budget is tight.

(This may be a null point for many) As G-code Master Jedi @neilferreri mentioned, the .pp V-Carve adjustment allows you to save your vcarve gcode with the M6 command automatically inserted at the correct location, the alternative might be manually locating/entering “M6”. The .pp can do this with a multitude of variables, but for the many CNC’ers this may be a null point. If your a nerd like me and want to learn more, this is where I recommend starting vectric link below. (NOT trying to promote vectric at all)

@WillAdams might be able to confirm if the M6 command is all that is required to prompt CM for a tool change then prompt execution of a tool setter code. I doubt its that simple for a few reasons, but as always, if there’s a will, there’s away. (no pun intended)

So excited for Carbide and the incredible dedication to constant innovation and improvement.


It’s that simple. Carbide Motion will “intercept” the M6 command, prompt the user and run the tool change sequence.


So i received and installed my Bitsetter today. Installed Neilferreri PP in my VCarve Pro. No issue writing the gcode from there.

Although it didn’t list the first tool in my file as the first tool.
I only get 1 prompt to turn off router before tool change.
No pause after tool measurement, heads straight back to cutting. No notice to turn on router, no time to slide my Suckit boot back on. I assume that has to do with CM.

Can you share your gcode and let us know where the zero should be?

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Oops…fixed versions below: (4.7 KB)


Tooll change test gcode

zero is bottom left, top of material. Was done on VCarve Pro.

@neilferreri thanks, I’ll update and let you know.

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@SDDavinci The update just fixes the first tool numbering issue. It won’t change anything else.
Can you (or anyone) run a test with this PP? I’m away from V-carve and my machine until tonight (EST). (1.3 KB)

Can you explain what happens when Carbide Motion encounters an M6?
Is the M5 to stop the spindle expected?
Is the M3Sxxx expected after the M6?

@neilferreri I’m at work currently, I’ll check tonight when I get home. Thanks again.

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Fail… I just installed my bitsetter, and it shows tool 2 and 3, but not the first tool. It calls for the changes correctly, just doesn’t show what first tool is…

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Ha. Can you be more specific?
I don’t want a tool change to start my job. I typically load the first tool before I start. I was trying to address the issue of Motion reminding its users to start their spindle.


I think the message should say load tool XX with specified speed and turn on router

It lists two tools needed for job when three are necessary. Only last two and nowhere at start did it mention the first tool. Second and third were noted install each by number