VCarve Pro Rabbet Cabinet edges - material left

This is my first test run on using my SO3 to cut out my cabinet parts. I need 3 rabbets for each side part, top/bottom and rear. There are 3 corners that end up with the smallest little bit of material left over. I was looking at some Vectric tutorials and it seems one way to handle this is FILLETS. This seems to work for the upper left and lower left bits but not the upper right bit. ( referencing the position as you would be looking at them in the screenshots )

SO I guess the best way to handle this is just enlarge my RABBET vector by enough to cut this material away. Is there another way I am missing?

Your bit is round, a square pocket will always have round corners. Only way I know is to make the leg longer by one half bit diameter (or more), as you already pointed out. You could also do a finish pass as a profile I suppose, but probably easier the way you already mentioned. There may be other ways to skin this cat, but those are the ways that come to mind.


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This is the first time that I will be using a CNC to cut out cabinets parts that I have always done out at the table saw. Still re-wiring the brain for working this way :wink:

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