VCarve Pro with 5 Pro Carbide Spindle

I’m considering buying the Vectic VCarve Pro and I’ve downloaded the trail version. I’ve downloaded the Post Processor with the bit changer and tried to run one of the trail projects and I can’t get the spindle to turn on. Does anyone here use VCarve Pro with a spindle if so what am I missing? what are you using to run your machine Carbide Motion or something else? I’m looking to do a lot of inlay signs and like what I see in VCarve Pro and the fact I can use Amana Tool - 46280 Carving 6.2 Deg Tapered Angle Ball Tip x 1/32 Dia x 1/64 which Carbide Create can’t do yet.

Which post-processor did you select?

The latest one posted I could find from neilferreri GRBL Toolchange posted 10 months ago 4/8/23

Did you set an rpm for the endmill? If you leave it zero it doesnt turn on. I ran into that issue the first time using vectric.

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@Tapps1 Are you running one of their free projects? I didn’t know you could install a post processor with the trial?
Can you share your gcode?

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Test Open Sign Toolpaths_1-V-Carve [Clear 1] (165.1 KB)

Yes the rpm was set 18000. I double it again and retried it. Same thing spindle never turned on.

Neil I tried sending you the gcode to your email but it failed so I’m putting it here
tray6.c2d (1.5 MB)

I also tired to remove the tool change and just run the trial project with the shapeoko gcode and it did not turn on the spindle.

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