Vcarve problem cutting wood

Brand new guy here. Just got xxl 2 weeks ago. Cut out a star first project yesterday. I’m trying to do some letters on a piece of pine. I created file and opened it in motion. I zeroed everything. It starts to run but the bit is only scratching the wood no more than my fingernail would, not penetrating and cutting wood. I entered a Foos bit I bought in the library I am using, 1/4”, 60 degree, carbide bit. I have the board I am cutting screwed directly to my wasteboard. What have I done wrong or not doing. Again, brand new here, have not done these letters yet. Thanks! Mike

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Just to understand, are you sure the bit is 1/4in 60 deg. I suspect that the shank is 1/4in but the bit at the widest is 1/2in. This could account for the issue as the difference in settings would affect the results. Another possible issue could be that the type you chose is too small for the bit to carve deeply. Can you post your file here?

one thing to check is the tension of the belt in the Z axis; if that’s too loose (I had that happen) this behavior can occur. Also make sure the V bit is tightly locked in the collet of the router; if it’s not tight it might shift up and down

A 1/4in 60deg with 1/4in shank V bit looks like this

A more common 1/2in 60deg Vbit with 1/4in shank looks like this


Also a new guy only been messing with CNC since June. Had the same problem and what I was told to check was make sure I had the thickness of the wood set correct. Also if the v bit you are trying to use is not the correct size for the letters you want to carve will cause this problem.



Are your angles set to 30? For the 60? Bit?
If they are set at 60 the computer will think it’s a 120 and is a lot wider tool than a 60.

When setting custom v bits make sure to divide angle of cutter by two and set angle per side of cutter.

How are you setting your Z?

Posting a .c2d file on here and one of the guys on here will surely get things worked out quickly.
Quickest way to get help with particular given situation. As we will have acess to all the same variables you are working with and won’t be shooting in the dark with suggestions.

Ahh. I did set the degree at 60. I will change that and try again. Thank you very much!

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Yep. I am using the smaller bit you have pictured. Had this bit for my router and was trying it while waiting for the other style but. Didn’t know the difference between the two. Thank you!

Hey everybody thanks for all the fast and great help! You solved it for me. I had the angle wrong for the bit. I changed the angle to 30 degrees and just ran it, and it worked perfect! Thanks so much for helping me. I’m sure I will be back.


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