Vcarve- toolpath - long runtime

I have been trying to create this below in carbide create and I end up with a 20-30 hour project.

Help not sure what to do next or where to begin at this point. Guidance would be much appreciated or even a tutorial that I can learn from to accomplish this project

  1. The text
  2. The line art
    3 The state!


things to check

  1. depth of cut… make sure each toolpath is half-of-tool-diameter in depth; for smaller bits CC sometimes goes to VERY shallow

  2. the basic inch-per-minute

and option is to use a big bit for the bulk of the carve, and then do an “inner contour” with a bit half the diameter of the bigger one…

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If you use the default feeds and speeds in CC, the runtime does come out very long if you are using a Shapeoko. Adjust the feeds and speeds to appropriate settings by editing the toolpath, clicking “Edit” in the Tool window, and unchecking “Set speeds automatically”. That will allow you to type in appropriate stepover, depth per pass and speed and feeds. I believe the newest version of CC has more appropriate built-in settings based on your machine (Shapeoko or Nomad), but I haven’t tried it yet.

It will help to only V carve around perimeters, see: V carve + inside pocket?

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Or you could V-carve the text and use a small flat end mill, such as a 1/16", to carve the graphic. You’ll lose a little detail compared to V-carving, but probably not enough to notice.

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You should download Carbide Create 433, it has more appropriate Feeds and Speed for the Shapeoko. As people have said, the F&S of earlier versions are not adequate for the Shapeoko and you would need to make adjustments to speed-up the F&S,something they have done in the newest version of CC.


ill give it a try and let you know. thank you