Good morning all, every time I try to vcarve text I want square corners like the font display BUT the tops come out looking like stars, what am I doing wrong?

Are you specifying a max depth?

For regular VCarve you done want to specify Max Depth. The bit will go down as low as if needs such that the edges of the bit touch the vector lines on either side.

Does it look this way in the simulation as well?

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Could be that you aren’t using the same angle vbit that you designed the file with.

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Yes it looks bad in the simulation also, but what if I need the text to be deeper?

If you need to depth-limit V carving for something other than a special effect, use Advanced V carving.

Thanks Will, I’ll try that. For some reason I thought advanced vcarve was just for inlays.

It’s probably not what you want for text you are carving “into” unless the text is large. But it is great for carving around text and leaving it raised.

It could be in either situation depending on your use case. It will cut angles on the sides and using a flat endmill to leave a flat surface in the middle.

If you want the text to be deeper with v carve you can either:

  • keep the same font but scale the letters larger
  • change to a font with wider stems

Cheating the software by setting zero lower than true zero or by defining the v bit with a smaller angle will make it deeper but will distort the v carve.

It is odd that the top of your letters are bad but the bottoms are not. I have never seen that.

Simple vcarve should always be bottom of material. The reason is a simple vcarve goes down the center between objects until it touches both sides. If you limit depth on a simple vcarve you get distorted carving. As @WillAdams select advanced vcarve if you need to limit depth. An advanced vcarve will use a flat end mill where possible if it fits for flat areas. If the areas are too small for the area then only a vee bit will be called for. An advanced vcarve just goes around the perimeter of an object if the flat end mill was called for. If the area was too small then the vee bit will clear out the material.