Vector change...micro to macro

Too much time in the Cave lately, time to stretch a muscle or two.

So, I dug a big hole to set a post in for a big gate to hang from. Then I built the gate.

Now I’m trying to figure out how to incorporate some sort of SO3 project.


Tie a rope to the gate, other end to your router, scare the kids on Halloween with the creepy gate that opens itself?

I’ve had a long day, don’t mind me.


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Hmmmmm, got some spring loaded springs, 4 each.

Multi holiday options?

Always cool things you can do with vines…

Opted for minimalism. Note the latch, top left.

Good news is, boss is happy, now I can get back to doing more fun stuff!


Must have taken you hours to mill this latch on the Shapeoko! :wink:

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