Vector drawing program for Windows

This app has had a long, twisted road to availability, but has finally made it to the Windows Store:

Hoping it will work well, since I fret about Freehand w/ every OS update (and get sad everytime I tell someone, oh yeah, I fixed that and it was easy in Freehand, here’s how you do the same in Inkscape/AI/Corel/…).

I started looking at ArtCam last night The free version is somewhat spartan but it covers most of the things I think I would need to do. Have you looked at it?

Where is the licensing information / agreement on that? I keep seeing mention of it, but whenever I look into it, I wind up at:

Moot point though, since I see that my 32-bit Windows tablet can’t play. goes to the main artcam page. Under products, it lists the free, standard and premium. I searched all over the website last night trying to find out if there were any conditions to the free license (could I use it commercially, for example) and never found that kind of information. The best I could see is that the free is designed for beginners and hobbyists. I did find a matrix comparing the features of the various versions, but, of course, I can’t find that today.

Thanks. Finally found that at:

Added it to the wiki on both the free and commercial software pages — if anyone has anything to add, I’d be glad to.

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Here is the link for the comparison of features: