Vector software for Mac

I know this subject has probably been addressed before, but I did a search and could not find it
I’m running a Mac and need a good software to convert files to svg of dxf. I have tried the free online conversions sights and have had mixed results. I have a some files that I can not convert to anything that is usable. I tried to download the beta version of Inkscape with not luck. Any help would be appreciated.

What about the current release of Inkscape?

When I try I get a message that there is no stable version available for Mac and to try the bata version. I may be missing something.

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.92.2 is good on mac.

Vector software on the Mac:

  • Inkscape — usually this needs XQuartz — I believe there’s a beta which uses the QT toolkit
  • Cenon — — this is an old NeXTstep CAD program making the jump to opensource vector editor (the company still sells the CAM back-end) — import/export may be limited
  • Adobe Illustrator — for folks who can stand the interface and paying for cloud software
  • — popular for interface design
  • GraviT — this is an opensource Chrome app with a weird monetization model
  • Serif’s Affinity Designer — modeled on Freehand, this is quite nice to use

Not sure how any of them handle this specific conversion task though — have you looked at the opensource conversion tools such as pstoedit?

I downloaded the latest beta on Mac and it works just fine its version 1.0 beta2

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Thanks for the reply. I have not logged on in a few days. I finally figured it out. I need to download XQuartz first. I got it downloaded. Im now trying to learn how to use it.